Review: Deadstring Brothers

Deadstring Brothers
(Times Beach Records)

There’s bits of Neil Young and the Stones throughout this release  The Deadstring Brothers began as a two-piece in Detroit but added a couple of hermanos along the way and now boasts a richly varied, bluesy sound consisting of a pedal steel and electric organ in addition to the standard goodies.  There are plenty of rambling ballads and folksy cuts that will have you wishing you had a pickup and a dirt road to drive down, with a lovely little blonde thing waiting at the end for you and your flannel shirt.

Yeah, you might expect something a little heavier out of the Motor City but the gentle picking and truck-stop blues will have you coming back time and again for another taste of Kurt Marschke’s syrupy tenor and the serenading sweetness of Peter Ballard’s pedal steel.

This gem’s eleven tracks will leave you wishing you had eleven more.  And that truck.  And the dirt road.  Sure, you’d rather have John Tesh than the little blonde thing, but that’s your deal, not mine.