Review: Cardia

(Silverthree Sound Recordings)

Man this singer has some kind of voice.  He can soar with the song as the keys and bass meander up and down the scale while the guitars stand guard at the root note and wait for the trio to return.  It sort of reminds me of why I like Doves so much, but this band is not so electronically driven and when this guy hits a high note it’s because he can and not for an effect.

Seriously, the sheer power of Ian Love’s voice easily makes this one of my top picks of the year.  I wouldn’t even attempt to sing that high because I might break my vocal box or give myself a hernia.  His voice is “un-be-fucking-lievable”.  Cardia use the guitars to the best of their abilities by creating that epic ringing repetitive sound we have all come to know and love over the years.

It’s like the voice does all the work while the guitars wait around only to be outshined right after a short solo.  This disc came without a case, but I’m going to go scrounge around in my room for some crappy disc I can swap out for this one.  Music just keeps getting better.