Review: Capital City

Capital City
““Am I Invisible””
(Near By Music)

Kind of a sing song folk style of pop music that is sort of hit and miss from the very start.  The overall vibe this band gives me is awesome because there are strong hints at the political and physical angst within the world that is pretty cool.  Most notable in this respect are “Whistleblower” and “Council Emissary” which, as their names depict, are all about politics and how the people will never be satisfied.  I mean shit, most whistleblowers are just doing the right thing yet most of the time they are the ones who ultimately suffer.  Capitol City makes me want to go start a riot for the less fortunate.  Even the name Capitol City is a sort of call to power.   However, despite all the terrific lyrical themes “Am I Invisible” exhibits little or no variation in song structure or chord use.  The first four or five songs just sort of run together in terms of musicianship.  I guess the album really starts opening up for me at about track 7 which ironically is called “Receiving/Daydreaming” which is what I do for the first part of the album.