Review: Camarosmith

(Dead Teenager)

Who likes the rock?  I mean, that pure rock.  Yeah, all the shit the nay-sayer’s call “retro” vibed, just because it learned a thing or two from that dirty boogie rock of the late 70’s.  Yeah, Foghat… Nugent, yeah, that big guitar and thumpy bass rock and roll.  All swagger and sweat.  Camarosmith grew up smoking lots of bowls to a Sabbath soundtrack wearing a Thin Lizzy tshirt while stumbling over empty beer bottles to grab that an old Skynyrd vinyl so they could have something to deseed more weed on.  T

The Camarosmith boys even pay homage to the mighty Sabbath with a near perfect duplication of their “Sabotage” album cover.   Do you like Fu Manchu, Nebula, Quitter, Zeke, Puffball, Murder City Devils, Supersuckers type rock and roll/bluesy metal shit?  Find another slot in your CD player cause Camarosmith should fit in there somewhere nicely.