Review: Burning Brides

Burning Brides
“Fall of the Plastic Empire”

The rock rolls into the second track “Glass Slipper” complete with “C’mon C’mon’s” sung so intensely you are prompted to actually “C’mon.”  A step towards The Who in the next track “If I’m a Man” that smartens itself up midsong with some spoken story telling.  Nothing extremely deep, just a rock and roll attitude and an invite to join along.  C’mon C’mon.  You’ve heard it before, so no problems following along.  Swing them hips.

The disk gets a bit more grimy in the middle with “At The Levity Ball” and takes a more chances with structure and dynamic making it a standout track and a breath of life in a disk that was starting to get mired in its approach.  The simplicity is sometimes a bit too easy (“Stabbed in the Back of the Heart”) when you know what the band can do when they challenge themselves.  But then again, people thought Rocket From the Crypt’s “On A Rope” had a ‘commanding’ riff.  There is a fine line between ‘commanding’ and ‘lack-of-a-better-idea’ repetition.  But they saved one of the best for last in “Plastic Empire” with some manic tense vocals and a spacey rocking jam in the middle.  Not groundbreaking, but making me want more of the songs that couldn’t live up to this rocking sensibility.  They rock their niche.