Review: Broadcast

“Haha Sound”
(Warp Records)

Bands emerge from the UK every year and garner a lot of press just for sounding vaguely like something successful that’s come before them. Occasionally though, a truly unique band will appear out of nowhere, slipping under the radar of hipsters and critics alike. Perhaps the most interesting and inimitable band to come from across the pond in the past eight years is the Broadcast. The perfect combination of so many different genres of music, the Broadcast’s second full- length “Haha Sound” is by far one of the most engaging albums to be released since the latest turn of the century.

Sounding like the soundtrack to one of Laetitia Sadier’s dreams, the Broadcast’s music evokes images of a 1960’s film noir mystery with a modern sonic appeal liken to that of Bjork and Saint Etienne. Though the music is flawless in production and delivery, it’s Trish Keenan’s vocals that are the centerpiece of the Broadcast. Sounding like a Bond girl caught in a trip-hop ambush, her voice is as ambient and hypnotic as the synthesizers that supply the sonic wall of sound behind her. Destined to be a sleeper hit in 2003, Broadcast’s “Haha Sound” should definitely be in your collection.