Review: Breaker Breaker

Breaker Breaker
““Out of Service””
(Martyr  Records)

Hardcore takes one more step forward.   This time the accelerator is “Breaker Breaker” with it’s hardcore/punk anthems screamed to you a extremely high speeds.  “Out of Service”, an apt title, is the bands final release; in fact the band no longer exists.  All of six songs, you will drift through the album quite quickly.  In the true style of Martyr Records “Breaker Breaker” will assault you with well-played, intense angst that is common in so many east-coast bands.

Each track sounds pretty much like the last with little variation, but this does not mean you can’t enjoy it!  If hardcore is your thing then you will not be disappointed by “Out of Service”.   Run screaming to which contains some info on the band as well as pics and a sound clip for “Sound Check #2”.  A decent EP with killer music, “Out of Service” will not disappoint the true hardcore fan.  Check out the clip and torture yourself some more; S & M anybody?  Some bondage maybe?