Review: Bones Brigade

Bones Brigade
(Fight Fire With Fire)

I hate myself when I am not skateboarding.  The furious and frustrated Boston skate punks of Bones Brigade try to deliver fast, guitar driven skate-core in the vein of early Suicidal Tendencies, The Faction, Minor Threat and fail miserably.  I grew up listening to the classics in skate rock: JFA, The Faction, Agent Orange, The Hunns, Free Beer, early Suicidal and other like minded bands.  So when I first got the Bones Brigade CD I was super stoked and tore right into it.  As soon as I hit the play button, my board lost its pop.  It was as if a bag of nails was dumped into the deep end of the pool during my contest run.  These guys have very limited style and are straight up boring.  They are one of the very few skate rock bands that I don’t like.  It’s not like all modern skate bands have to suck.  Just like Bones Brigade, the Monster Trux ( borrows their name from a part of skate history.  The only difference is that Monster Trux doesn’t suck.  Stealing a name from the best skate team of all time, Bones Brigade just doesn’t give the greats any justice.  These guys shouldn’t only hate themselves when they are not skating, they should hate themselves when ever they are playing music too.