Review: Apartment 26

Apartment 26
“Music For The Massive”

You have to admire a band that can pick up the pieces and manage to carry on when everything seems to fall apart. After releasing their debut on Hollywood Records Apartment 26 was quickly taken off the road and sent home packing; dismissed as another failure. Taking it on the chin the boys in Apartment 26 returned home and did what most any real artist should do; write a fucking killer album and roll the dice again. Songs like ’88’ with it’s huge groove and ‘5 Day Rental’ with it’s schizophrenic delivery should allow Apartment 26 to roll a seven on the first roll in the music industry crap game.

Featuring the son of Black Sabbath legend Geezer Butler in their ranks, Apartment 26 offer a lethal dose of huge grooves and quirky samples that play out like a bastardized metal-rave. Biff Butler and Jon Greasley are definitely the stars of this show. Biff adds spunk and a “what will he do next?” sporadic feel to the music that’s been missing for quite some time. Greasley compliments Biff with knockout riffs that drive each song to epic proportions. Remember how the hard rock scene flourished in the mid-to-late 90’s? We had great albums by a bunch of bands and everything was good. “Music For The Massive” will take you back to a time when hard rock did just that; rocked hard.