Review: Æon

“Dark Orders”
(Necropolis Records)

Brutal and technical death metal as blasphemous and raw as you can find, “Dark Orders” is in the vein of early Decide or Morbid Angel, though not always as fast.  Jumping up and down tempo, Æon moves quickly from a thick sludgy mass into a full tilt chainsaw ripping through your chest.  The slower moments pulsate with a dark and menacing cloud of doom, carrying a foreboding notion that the slaughter will return.

As impressive as this scant six song disk is, your amazement will only grow when you learn that this deadly accurate and crystal clear recording was the band’s demo! Apparently, this extreme death metal act had such a good recording back in 2000, that when Necropolis picked them up, the label decided to spread this amazing little gem to the metal masses.

As noted, Æon is very brutal death metal–to steal a phrase from the press sheet, “unrepentantly brutal.”  This seems to be a point of pride for the band, who are pleased as punch to move away from the scene in Sweden and Gothenburg with the likes of In Flames.  This is highly successful move for Æon, achieving a great but short dip in to the deep end of extreme metal.

The staple death metal imagery is present; the cover sports a 666, and in the lyrics: “Hell unleashed / No stopping us now / Hell unleashed / We are eternal.” But this is a band that is unlikely to care if anyone is turned away for any reason, especially being put off by their blasphemy.