Review: Actionslacks


“Full Upright Position”
(Self Starter)

Tim Scanlon, singer for the Actionslacks, has one of the most earnest voices on the indie rock circuit. With a few releases under their belt, it’s Scanlon’s persistent drive that keeps the Actionslacks alive and makes an instant familiar touch point for the bands sound.

Specializing in crisp deliveries and clever rhyme schemes, the band hides the pop hooks well within the indie rock shell.  A songsmith at heart, the lyrics and musical structures are all packaged neatly and presented with clarity.  No hiding behind effects or layers of distortion, Actionslacks music is always straight forward, hearts on sleeves with little distractions.  Right to the hooks with pop melodies but carrying it with some kind of indie cred.

Some synth sneaks in occasionally to add a playful element that works with the general upbeat vibe the Actionslacks present themselves with.  It’s sincere and well crafted.  A not so gloomy A Jealous Sound or a much more serious Nerf Herder might work as a general soundscape comparison.  It’s the honesty in sound and execution that makes Actionslacks the good guy band that 9 out of 10 couples can agree on.
Even when Scanlon is unhappy, he’s poetic about it.  “Let me count the ways I will never be like you.  Let me use both hands.”