Book Review: Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

book stupidwhitemen

“Stupid White Men”
Author: Michael Moore
Publisher: (Regan Books)

What an excellent read! I’ve actually read this book twice; once to read, and the second to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Michael Moore, for those who aren’t familiar with him, is a conservative author/writer/director most famous for his movie, “Roger and Me,” where he stalks General Motors CEO Roger Smith, trying to confront him about why GM laid off so many people in the small town of Flint, MI., ruining its economy. It’s an entertaining flick, and worth a look. This book, however, is Michael’s second and, by far, the best. Michael takes the reader thru the election, including the chaos in the voting system,his stance on Bush, and just about everything else. Quotes:

On George W. Bush: “The thief-in-chief. A trespasser on federal land, a squatter in the oval office. Send in the marines!”
On Bill Clinton: “One of the best Republican presidents we’ve ever had.”
On America: A friggin’ stain on a blue dress. That’s what captured our attention in the nineties – along with slow-moving Bronco’s, six-year-old strangled beauty queens and Hugh Grant’s dating habits.

Sometimes Michael goes way left but for the most part, this is at least something worth reading and will give you an idea of just how mad Michael Moore is.