Review: Arson

““Words Written In Blood””
(Resurrection A.D.)

With one of the most distinctive and smashing sounds out of hard-core is Arson, with a sound that grips on to death metal and grind-core.  Their new five song EP, “Words Written In Blood”, FUCKING ROCKS!!! Alternating grinding beats and riffs, with melodious beaks, Arson delivers a sonic wild fire hotter then Alpine, CA..  What “Words Written In Blood” lacks in length, is made up for in power and quirk.  Comparisons can easily be made between Arson and the more notable, Dillinger Escape Plan, both utilizing unique combinations of furious hard-core with something going on that just grabs you from the first listen.  The rage expressed by Arson is hard to match since it is total, darkly anti-religious lyrics display the frustration with society that so many hard-core bands have (and are sure to please metal fans in general).  Songs like, “Myth” capitalize on the minimalist approach of song writing, and feelings conveyed:  “Your God is non-existent/Your god is a myth/and I refuse to bow down to these lies.”  All warm and fuzzy so you can go mosh. Go out of your way and get this disk, unmatched hard-core that is sure to please.