Salvatore Ganacci

Try and wrap your brain around this Salvatore Ganacci techno track

This is Salvatore Ganacci.


That happy fellow is a Bosnian born Swedish DJ. Raised in Yugoslavia, now resides in Stockholm.

You want to sound super-elitist the next time someone asks you what kind of music you like? Answer with, ‘Bosnian born Swedish housecore’, and say it like it’s totally a thing and if they don’t know that, well, then they are out-of-touch.

‘Salvatore Ganacci’ was a nickname given to him by friends because they way he plays soccer is apparently very ‘Italian’… whatever the hell that means.

He is basically a ‘DJ’, which is a broad label given to artists who don’t necessarily use traditional instruments to make their music. Rather, it’s a mostly electronic affair. Which can give a certain, pre-programmed, ‘sameness’ to the electronic genre as whole. But Salvatore Ganacci seems to have a fairly unique voice within his soundscapes.

Plus, his video sensibilities are… let’s say… bizarre. Kind of like the onset of a drug you regret taking before it even kicks in. It’s uncomfortable and hard to steer away from once you’ve locked eyes upon this video. It pulses, but not in a dance-beat sort of way… more of a… punch animals sort of way. Which will make much more sense once you watch this…

If you watched through to the end, I’m sure you appreciated the ‘story’ of people abusing animals… so Salvatore shows up and abuses them.

If only it worked like that in real life.