How great were Devo videos? 10 of their best.

This is Devo.

Yeah, they were the guys with the flower pots on their heads. But they also were musical geniuses far ahead of their time. They were doing electronic music before people even realized you could make music that way. The band’s prime run was from 1978 to 1987. They’ve scored numerous top 10 hits and rode the video revolution that became MTV. (a now extinct channel that used to play music videos).

Always known for their visual art as much as their music, their videos are masterpieces of low video tech brilliance. Back when these were originally popular, one would have to track down numerous VHS copies of Devo material to find these gems.

We give you… the best of Devo videos.

“Girl You Want”


“Freedom of Choice”


“[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction”


“Jocko Homo”


“Beautiful World”


“That’s Good”


“Peek A Boo”


“Time Out For Fun”


“Secret Agent Man”


.And of course…