“Darth Vader” isopod found lurking beneath Indian Ocean

This glorious bastard is Bathynomus raksasa. (“raksasa” meaning “giant” in Indonesian).


It’s basically a giant sea cockroach. A giant, sith-lord water bug.

Probably tastes like lobster.

Known to grow up to A FOOT(!) long, it is one of several known species of giant ocean-going isopod. Like the other members of its order, it has compound eyes, seven body segments, two pairs of antennae, and four sets of jaws. Because, of course it does.

This creature like to live way down around 950 to 1,260 meters (3,117 and 4,134 ft) below sea level. Deep sea ‘gigantism’ is common for creatures like this found at such extreme depths.

This new species was found off the coast of Java in the Indian Ocean. If you really want the down and dirty scientific info on this bad boy, ZooKeys published a full description of this new discovery.

Tickle, tickle, tickle…



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