Modern Fix

Wesk One – interview by m. young


Here we are again, another month and another section in a magazine about graffiti art. This month it’s Wesk One under the grueling eye of the Graff Page. Here is an interview. Read it.

What do you write?

Mr. Wesk One

What got you into graffiti?
I started writing in junior high when it was thetrendy thing to do. Looking at Can Control magazine got me hooked. After the trend faded out and most of the other kids fell off, the fuel to my graffiti fire was just getting started.

What crews do you write with?
I run with TFL, UM, and IDC.

Where does your inspiration come from?
These days, I’m inspired by design and print. For example: fonts, flyers, old Fillmore(S.F.) posters. Doing design for a living has really influenced me as an artist.

Who or what have you been heavily influenced by?
Funny enough, some old art that my dad had done as ateenager helped develop my graffiti styles. He’s probablly my biggest non-graffiti influence. Quake, Style, Gena, TFL crew collective influences my graffiti art these days.

What’s your favorite surface to paint?
Walls…I’ve done a handful of trains but I love painting a nice clean wall.

Seen any good porno movies lately?
Aaahhhhhhh man…. not lately. I was heavily into porn at one time but I don’t think I’ve seen any good ones for a while. Taylor Hayes, Aurora Snow, Guage…those are some classy broads.

What type of music to listen to?
My mind is so warped when it comes to music. I adapt
to just about anything…Metallica (old shit.. Ride the Lighting, Kill em All), Primus, Modest Mouse, Zepplin, Beatles (musical legends). I’m really into bay area rap too.. Andre Nickatina, Mac Dre, Epuipto (Board Stiff). My man TOP.R. is hot hot hot!!!! Check out his new album – Burning the Candle at Both Ends. Topr’s a hiphop genius!

Who do wanna say what’s up to?
Anyone who has helped me out in one way or another: given me a ride, bought me lunch, kicked down a can of summersquash yellow. I don’t need to list anyone,
they know who they are. Much love!!

What big plans do you have for the future?
I just want to live financially comfortable, paint until it’s not fun anymore and take one day at a time.

What do you think about Bush and the current state of global affairs?
That guy is an idiot! I’m sick of hearing about it. He needs to focus on what is going on HERE, in the United States of America. Who gives a shit about what’s going on thousands of miles away. I just wish we could have voted before spending billions of OUR tax dollars rebuilding other countries.

What would you like to see happen in the world?
I don’t really know anymore. I thought things were cool before Bush got into office…. I think the US has dug a hole it can’t dig out of.