Modern Fix

SLEEPING PEOPLE – by gordon downs


In the world of music, instrumental rock is usually hit or miss when it comes down to it. Fairly new to the scene and all crispy and clean, the outfit known as Sleeping People excel at the ability to jam, and possess an extremely uncanny ability to rock without words. Comprised of drummer Brandon Relf, bassist Kenseth Thibideau, and guitarists Joileah Concepcion and Kasey Boekholt, Sleeping People are a powerhouse of mathematical rhythms and distorted harmonies. Coming back off their very first west coast tour this past fall, the Sleeping People seem to have a lot in store for them in 2004. “The tour was fucking awesome,” reels Boekholt, “it was really good. The shows had good turn-outs at all of them, and we played with some really good bands.” Originally formed as a trio in January of 2002, Sleeping People recently came into it’s complete line-up with the addition of Kenseth on bass. “He plays in Pinback too.” adds Boekholt. “He was a friend of Rob (Crow), and he came and saw one of our shows. The next show he was there with like four or five of his friends, and Kenseth was with them. He kind of approached us afterwards and he expressed interest in playing with us, and a few months later, we went to the studio and it was golden.” The closest their sound can be described, is as the genre known as math rock. “Like Don Caballero?” Boekholt, inquires. “Yeah we got those kinds of CD’s around the house and stuff. I think we used to listen to it more than we do now. Lately instrumental music, for the most part, isn’t as entertaining as it used to be.” With a three song EP in circulation that they self-released, Sleeping People have much to look forward to in the months to come, as they recently signed with Portland indie label Temporary Residence. “When we finally got a decent recording, we sent it up to them,” explains Boekholt, “and they were into it right away.” With plenty of time to write and record new material, we can hopefully expect a debut album from Sleeping People in the Spring or Summer of 2004. Until then, you can catch them playing locally around Southern California; also visit their website at