Review: Roto  

““The Low Power Hour””
(Resin Records)

A Washington D.C. project featuring members of Q and not U, El Guapo, Edie Sedgwick and Land Speed Record, Roto was originally a concept band which featured a different drummer for every performance.  Roto have recorded 17 of their songs here with three different drummers.  Some of the tracks are backed with some pretty nice programming as well.  Despite the wide variety of people involved, the sound is distinct, consistent and developed.  Odd time signatures with quirky minor guitar and vocal melodies recall Pere Ubu, Mission of Burma and numerous no-wave bands from the late 70’s, however those fond of more recent East Coast art-rock developments will find fresh and innovative material here as well.  Overall let’s say the Warmers meet early They Might be Giants (not the Malcolm in the Middle crap, I said EARLY, goofball).