Artist Profile: Mirah

Mirah – by Gordon Downs


Mirah Tom Yom Zeitlyn is probably one of the most underrated singer/songwriters currently recording and performing music today. While Top 40 darlings garner much more attention than they should be given, Mirah seems to be more than content slipping under the radar of mainstream America. Releasing the majority of her albums via K Records out of Olympia, Washington; her discography extends well into the early nineties, including collaborations with The Microphones, Calvin Johnson, Dennis Driscoll and The Blow just to name a few. Her latest offering, “C’mon Miracle” is yet another beautifully crafted album that will definitely appeal to both the indie rocker and folk singer deep down inside of you sons of bitches. “We were trying to make [the beach] in Leucadia. Is that a place?” asks Mirah, as we sit outside the rear entrance of the Che Café on the UCSD campus as she explains her and her crew’s desire to get some So-Cal beach time. “We eventually ended up in Encinitas,” she continues, “then we were like, ‘Well, I guess we should just jump in the water here since we only have fifteen minutes.’” Making a brief west coast jaunt this past May in support of, “C’mon Miracle” Mirah and her spur posse crew seem to approach life on the road with a passionate embrace. “It’s barely day three [of the tour]” adds Mirah, “and we’re still all fairly fresh.”

With a hush as silent as the sound of a gun being cocked; therein lies the talent of Mirah.