Review: Liquid American Culture

Liquid American Culture
““In a Life aLive””
(Carbon Garden Records)

Let’s get right to it; the fifteen tracks on this album blend together to form a sixty-six-minute ode to incoherence.  It’s a real struggle to tell the difference between one track and the next.  Liquid American Culture mixes lead singer Unorthodox Hunter’s spoken-word-style delivery with deep and prominent bass sounds and Josiah McGinley’’s moaning saxophone, then throws in spaced-out keyboards and percussion for good measure, and ends up with a sleepy sound vaguely reminiscent of Morphine.  The moody, brooding sound which characterized Morphine, however, comes off as limp and repetitive when attempted by Liquid American Culture.  As Unorthodox himself says (and says again and again) on “ Trancer,” “fuck what you want / get what you need.”  It says here that you definitely don’t need this disc in your stereo.