Review: The Killingtons

The Killingtons
““Self Titled””
(Meg / Vegas Records)

In the vein of pumping guitars and sweet vocals that seem to swell upon layers of indie rock bliss.  Everything here just drips with an earnest meaningful push.  One can hear the veins sticking out of their arms on the pulsing downstrokes.  The tempos are really up so The Killingtons rarely get lost in their own wash of distractions (the curse of melodic rock bands that can command the soft edge like this).  The Killingtons repeatedly hit with interesting breaks and changes all while painting with the warmer edge of the sound spectrum.  Vocalist JK has got a vulnerable presence (think Knapsack, now the Jealous Sounds vocalist).  Nothing here is groundbreaking, but this is a gem of pop ideal with enough smarts to disguise the songs as an indie rock outing (they might even be considered in the whole “emo” realm) but since they spend more time rocking than whining about the girl that fucked them over last week, I hesitate to label them as such.  A New Found Glory or say maybe Jimmy Eat World might make good touring bands for the Killingtons to play with.  A lot of clean guitars strummed with energy give the general sound (distortion is minimal and when used, very warm and large).  From the first listen, The Killingtons throw down hooks, melodies and enough sweet pushed indie rock to demand the attention from the most unwilling listener.