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COREY DUFFEL- interview by mike brown

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Corey Duffel is one of the nicest guys I know. Duffel has been on the scene for a few years now. He has seen highs and lows in the public eye, lost sponsors over a misunderstanding. And now he is back on top of the game, he recently turned pro and his promodel boards are flying off the shelves. Corey Duffel is here to stay.

Mike: So, who are your sponsors?
Corey: Well, it goes like this. 88 shoes, Mighty F (foundation), Pig Wheels, Speedmetal bearings, Sessions clothing, Metro Skateboardshop, Brown Beanies, and Ironhorse Grip. Oh yeah, and Ruckus trucks.

Where are you from?
Sacramento. Norcal. Oh yeah! The goodtimes!

How long have you been skating for?
Like 8 years or so. I’m a veteran. Haha!

What was the deal with that one-man demo in Texas? Who sent you out there? Were there any Corey Duffel look-a-likes?
Hahaha, it was weird. So, the biggest account for 88 shoes is a mall chain store in Texas, and they wanted me there for this local demo they were holdin. So 88 sent me out. The guys from the shop picked me up, I lurked in Texas for 2 days shreddin with all the kids. Yeayea, there were at least 15 little monsters runnin around with mops and jackets. Haha. It was rad.

How was your trip to Japan with Foundation? Did you bring back any pellet guns?
Japan is okay. But the guns are awesome! I brought back 6 of em. I like weapons. So I had to get a bunch of those goodguys. Oh they are fun.

What are your all time favorite bands? What is a new band that you have been listening to lately?
Well, favorite band of all time would be Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, or the Ramones, or maybe The Clash. Lately I’ve been listening to The Only Ones and The Avengers allot, and The Boys. But I like a lotta shit, so there is always different records on.

How long did it take you to look through all of your mail from the “Design a Graphic” contest you did for your first promodel?
Man, there were so many drawings. I would say it took 3 days of opening letters. There had to been at least over a thousand. But it was awesome!

I like the idea for the Corey Duffel punching bags, was that your idea?
Yeayea. They are funny. Me and Tod Swank both thought of it, tryin to make somethin funny. And I said punching bag, and then we decided to make one of the clown bop bag things with me on it.

Besides skating, what are some other things that you enjoy doing?
I like to go eat burgers and steaks, is that a hobby? I also like shootin my guns and crossbows. Stuff like that. But mainly rockin out to good tunes and watchin cartoons.

Do you play any musical instruments at all?
Yeayea I have a bass. I use to play a lot more. But i still like to kick out the jams!

How does it feel to be where you’re at now in skating after a lot of your sponsors dicked you over in the past?
Man, ya don’t even know how siked i am. My sponsors are all my friends so it is the best. I am totally hyped on civilization.

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to thank that has helped you out lately?
Yeayea, you for hookin me up, all my sponsors and my friends. My mom.