Review: Coming of the New Messiah

Coming of the New Messiah
(SA Mob Records)

Thrashy grind punk.  Slayer raised in the streets with a big SOD patch on its jacket.  Speed riffs, crush riffs, just plain brutal demonic riffs and unrelenting tempos slice through this release. Vocalist is has gargled in draino and screams a lot.  And intimidates by screaming out titles like, “Stab You In The Throat”.  Some well placed samples add to the theatrics between songs.  “SpinKick” offers an unexpected breakdown and gets moody with the bass and drums creating the mood and for a moment, Coming of the New Messiah seem to breath a bit between the attack.  Blast beat lovers should dig this as the listener will be pummeled repeated by uzi-quick double bass snaps (Jesus, check out the middle of the aforementioned “SpinKick”).  One of the best drummers out there in this genre. This is very screechy/screamy and very metal so be prepared. Lock up children and small animals if you plan on blasting this on high volumes.