Review: Coastal Drag

Coastal Drag
“Caught on the Wrist”
(Doubling Cube)

The first song of this little, six-track EP is titled, “In Love With Palm Trees” which is sort of ironic because I too am in love with palm trees. Last time I went to Omaha to visit Shelley, she was telling me how much she missed the lovely palms in Santa Barbara, so we drove by a gas station there that had these bizarre metallic monstrosities that sort of almost looked like palm trees. And we laughed. Coastal Drag won’t really make you laugh too much. With their soft distortion and experimental lyrics they’ll remind you a bit of Weezer, only without the catchiness, which is really Weezer’s best quality, isn’t it? The rest of the tracks follow in the footsteps of “Palm Trees”, rocking without rolling and continuing with the fuzzy power chords.