Review: Zek Lightning

Zek Lightning
““Mirrors To Heaven & Back Again””
(Frog Man Jake)

I would equate this album to the movie Magnolia.  When I saw Magnolia in the theatre, I  walked out scratching my head and saying “what the hell did I just see.”  I still wonder if three and a half hours of my life was wasted on that movie, but then again I didn’t go in there with the mentality that it would be a really deep movie.  The first time I listened to “Mirrors To Heaven & Back Again” I wasn’t sure what to make of old Zek and his much heralded producer and band mate Nat Rabb.

I’’m sure most people would disregard this album’s greatness as being moot.   However, if you are willing to take the long road to enlightenment you will find incredibly deep lyrics and impeccable production.  It’s like Zek wanted to write a masterpiece that only he would truly understand.  Indie rock can mean so many different things, but if they had to put a picture in the dictionary as a description it might be the cover of this disc.