Review: Under a Dying Sun

Under a Dying Sun

Seems like Under a Dying Sun have been together forever, huh?  I remember these guys when they were emocore before anybody else was emocore, working their guitars into nice harmonies, augmenting Macklin Clenendin’s screamed vocals.

Well, those days are gone.  “Supernova” finds the guys (and gal-Shaye Farwell rips on bass) seeking a more mature sound, discarding the melodies and complementary guitars for a harsher, more angular sound.

While this works fairly well and gives the album an almost experimental feel, what it really serves to do is draw more attention to Clenendin’s droning voice.  While his screams seemed to blend in rather well with their older material, UaDS’s new sound means that Clenendin’s Paris-Hilton-thin yelps don’t fit in as well as they used to.  Still, it’s a nice attempt at change and the eight-track EP will surely find its share of fans.