Review: Ultimate Fakebook

Ultimate Fakebook
“Open Up and Say Awesome”
(Initial Records)

The Internet Public Library claims that there are only seven different plot lines for fiction stories.  If that’s correct (and I have my doubts) then you’re going to end up reading something that reminds you of something else pretty regularly.  I feel that music, just by its very nature, has the potential to stimulate more sensory organs than words on paper and therefore should pretty much all sound different.  Unfortunately, you and I both know that’s often not the case.  Ultimate Fakebook does their best to break free from the predictability surrounding so much modern music with “Open Up” by combining several different musical genres with smart lyrics, sharp wit, and quality musicianship.  I’d like to say Ultimate Fakebook sounds a little like The Get Up Kids and I’d like to say they sound a little like Hot Rod Circuit and about ten or twelve other bands, but the trio’s uncanny ability to meld post-punk melodies and riffs with constructive, emotive lyrics delivered in an honest manner allows UF to truly build a better wheel.  I dare you skip though any of the songs; ignoring the soft strains of ‘Girl, Here’s Another Lie’ and the up tempo chorus of ‘Wrestling Leap Year’.  That’s right, I dare you.