Review: To See You Broken

To See You Broken
“A Thief, a Poet, an Enemy”

Amazing…five girls who put the punk/hardcore/etc. sound in its place.  From the screamed intro to the harmonies in the chorus, the first track alone builds up an interest in the listener that doesn’t go away.  Some of the lyrics seem to relate to important issues to many-a hardcore dancer.  This record is more than just hardcore though.  Between the dancing there is a wealth of soundly structured songs and admirable musicianship.  “When Everyday is Yesterday” features a slow beginning utilizing a sing-songy voice and a pretty guitar line that blends into what reigns triumphant with this band.  Then to finish off the track, the mayhem breaks making way for another delicate riff.  To See You Broken is definitely a band that I would like to see live and continue to follow.