Review: The Reputation

The Reputation
(Initial Records)

I guess if I was a little older and into the adult contemporary scene, or even watched Dawson’s Creek now and again than this album would appeal more to my tastes. The pop/alternative band is fronted by a female vocalist that has the vocal styling of Jewel and the occasional edge of Shirley Manson.  The self-titled album has it’s ups and downs with tracks like “The Truth” diving strangely into the punk genre.  Into a sexy, deep bass track titled “For The Win,” is a perfect example of a “Dawson’s Creek” moment.  I can almost feel the drama.  Possibly it’s because I’m jaded, but I can’t tolerate anymore sadness in my music.  Enough about love, enough about romance!  This CD has it’s innocence until I hear “your favorite piece of ass when you want it.” Isn’t that the truth in any relationship? I guess in some ways I can relate, but it’s totally just a chick thing.