Review: The New Mexicans

The New Mexicans
“Chicken Head Talking Diamonds”
(Under The Needle)

So this band has zero talent with choosing names or album titles (or song titles for that matter, wade through trying to comprehend “captainpajamascoleslawholywar”, or “why do I drink my worries away when I could just duct-tape your mouthshut?”.  Wait, that’s kind of cool, if not long-winded.  “Lesbian Llamas are the fruit of gnomes”.  Wtf?

So moving past all that, the music is entirely worthy.  Crafty indie-rock (dig them carving bass lines) and a singer with a story telling attitude.  His words seem to demand a sort of ‘Hey, listen to this.  Hey, pay attention, hey, hey.’ urgency.

There’s an obvious level of ‘had to be there’ with some of the vibe as The New Mexicans don’t seem to want to let you in on the joke.  If there is even a joke.

The songs suggest more of a struggle between groove (bass) and loss of control (guitars).  Little exercises in unique structures to give a feel of striving for more, but it’s held together as a ‘song’ quite well around some of the more challenging parts.  While not particular abrasive, they do push tense and uncomfortable sometimes.  Even dare I say, ‘edgy’?  A sharper wit than you were ready for.

Some noisier guitars that still manage to hold some melody.  Some bass cutting through the murky depths like the shadow of a shark.  Yeah, shark bass.  I said it.  The New Mexicans are a crafty lot giving their general indie-rock approach a good tweak to bully this into a sound of their own.  Shark bass.