Review: The Hospitals

The Hospitals
(In the Red Recordings)

The apparently two-piece band that is The Hospitals features a picture on the album cover of a dude bent over screaming into a mic and beating a drum in a tiled room.  I would wager that that was the preferred method in recording this alt-art-prog-rock record.  It is put together well for the style that they fit into, if you can classify them, and I would be very interested to see them live.

Simple and forceful guitar strumming over steady drum beating and bashing creates a neat feeling about their music, that is, that they have accomplished what they have musically.  I seriously would give props to anyone who makes this approach sound as cool as it does.  Two thumbs up to the vocals, which were probably recorded while rolling and wretching around on the floor.  This band is good.  If nothing else, you have to at least give them a listen to prove me wrong.