Review: The Fallen

The Fallen
“Front Toward Enemy”
(Metal Blade)

Heavy metal music with militaristic Prong (Force Fed era) influenced vocals.  The Fallen create easily digested chunky bits of guitar riffery followed by bite-sized morsels of rapid pickery that all fits together thanks to some deliciously sweet bridgery.  This is straightforward stuff; it flirts on the periphery of industrial but doesn’t succumb fully to all of that genre’s extenuating studio high jinks and trickery.

The songs tend to stay mostly within the realms of slower to mid-tempo metal, but do break out in bursts of speed here and there where appropriate for a good punch or two or a for a good one-two punch.

Overall, the album is useful for younger metal fans who haven’t heard of Prong or for fans of Prong that are looking for something that out speeds Prong and roughens up their sound a bit.  It’s never pleasant for me to cement a band down by such concrete comparisons to one particular band (in this case comparing The Fallen to Prong) but sometimes it is appropriate and absolutely necessary insofar as the critique goes if it is to have any validity.  But, now that I’ve said that, The Fallen are their own duck.  They quack to the beat of a different drummer and defend their pond with ease.  Yes, when mating season comes around they bite down on the neck of Prong’s duck and ease their poultry pecker up inside, but who are they to resist?  Prong has a pretty sexy duck after all.