Review: The Adventures of Jet

The Adventures of Jet
(Suburban Home)

I suspect that The Adventures of Jet named this record ‘MuscleÓ’ as a joke, it’s the only reason that I could see it being appropriate.  The songs on this record are crunchy, pop rock tunes with a synth. as one of the primary instruments.  The music itself comes off like Weezer with Tom Petty doing vocals meets, one of those used pop/rock CD’s you buy in the $1.99 section because it looks like it might be cool. ‘Muscle’ is well produced and seems to be an honest expression by the Texan trio. Pop-rock fans will most likely find The Adventures of Jet, to be a pop music fiesta, a firecracker up their asses, their first coffee of the day, etc.  As far as muscle goes, well that’s pushing it.