Review: Sworn In

Sworn In
(Bridge Nine)

The Bridge Nine cult obviously has my number. I have yet to see or hear a bad thing from these guys. So, do I have to say this EP is in keeping with the prior statement? These straight edge Brits are pissed and have the passion and aggression to make sure that you won’t soon forget. Thunderous guitars rip through song after song of sadness and despair. Heavy and melodic, this powerful brand of metallic hardcore contains a pounding, groove-laden bass and deep, thumping drums that seem to dissolve beneath the explosive fretwork, only to lurch forward with gut-rumbling force. The vocals share a likeness to the one and only Hope Conspiracy, urgent and rough, but with a style all their own. Song titles like “Where Death Is The Cure”, “Pretty Girls Die Just The Same” and “I Killed Midnight” allude to the disturbing and emotional content of the songs. And the artwork is exquisite in its morbidity, understatedly depicting a woman at the wrong end of a pair of scissors. The only shortcoming is the brevity of this extended player. Seven songs at just over 14 minutes will leave any fan of heavy music with an unscratchable itch. We need a full length. I give this ten thumbs up!