Review: Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie
“Hell or High Water”
(Thorp Records)

More than a ninja or even a cowboy, I want to be a pirate.  I’d like to have my own ship and hearty mates and a cabin boy and cannons and stuff.  It would be great.  I’d be the most fearsomest pirate in all of the seven seas.  The cover art on “Hell or High Water” has got it all.  A marvelous Spanish Galleon, lilting with the swell of the ocean aboard the high seas, its search for fame and riches dampened by the flames raging throughout its rigging.  Unfortunately, the cover art is the best thing about this worthless album.  Sugar Daddie plays what can only be described as greaser grindcore, as the singer’s hardcore voice is full of alcohol-fueled imagery ranging from lusty women to monster trucks on “Stuck in the Mud”.  The guttural guitars ar

e barren of anything resembling catchiness or harmony, a dirty hybrid that is part Nashville Pussy and part swamp-trog sweat.  And, while the track “Pirates of the Carribean” (one of the more unfortunate misspellings [it’s “Caribbean”, idiots] of all time) has some pretty cool visuals, “And then I’ll sink your ship / Now as I pillage and plunder / Well don’t you give me lip, my man” the delivery needs a whole hell of a lot of work.  Rhyming “ship” with “lip” is not something pirates would do.  They’d also have some sea shanties on their record.  How do you put out a pirate album without any shanties on it?  Arrrrrr…