Review: Stairwell

“The Sounds Of Change”
(Hopeless Records)

This is fun, full-bodied, rock with a tendency toward pop slash alternative. The kind of shit you’d expect to hear on the radio, although you’d actually be psyched if you ever did. Well-orchestrated bop n’ roll with super-sophisticated musicianship and a keen understanding of hooks and vocal harmony. The kind of shit that gets stuck in your head for days on end, and the best part is it doesn’t sound like every other band. Need more? How about three guitars? What else could you ask from your power-pop?

This gem was originally released a few years back on Takehold Records, and it seemed like the kind of goodness that would have been scooped up and overplayed by all the alterna-hipster radio stations. Alas, it took two years and a minor indie heavyweight like Hopeless to realize the potential this SoCal juggernaut has to offer. Jimmy Eat World has nothing on these badasses. Get yourself some of this genius while you can. One more round on the obscurity merry-go-round could ruin a fine band like this.