Review: Snuffed

Various Artists
(Sadistic Records)

Reviewing compilations is a tricky business. First, judgment must be passed on each band with only a song or two as base material. Then, the comp must be judged as a whole by weighing in the efforts of the individual tracks, which is essentially unfair to the various artists, because one band can ruin the whole thing. For this reason alone, I’ve never been a fan of comps. And so, we have “Snuffed: A Compilation Of Hardcore, Emo, Metal And Punk” which is a really broad range of music to compile. Domain kick this off with two tracks of hardcore amid decent screamed vocals. Futureboy ¬†are up next with melodic, Deftonesy post-hardcore rock. Torrential Downpour offer up speedy Kornesque rap metal while Chronic.D follow with textbook Rage-style rap metal. Deprivation synth out on their 11 minute, goth-inspired metalcore trip. Disarm drop a hardcore piece full of chugga chugga and marginal vocals. A Better Tomorrow stir up a metal stew chock full of gruff shouts. Rhail obviously like Sepultura. Most of the guys in Sub-DK do too except one who shouldn’t be allowed behind the microphone. Accept No Others demonstrate a lack of recording skill with their bass-heavy ode to Slayer. Tension bark their way through a decent metallic hardcore number. Spill easily have the worst recording on the disc, and follow it up with another growler that must have been recorded in a basement closet. Denied Reality charge through a classic hardcore tune with plastic barrel drums. Beaten Path’s double-bass metal assault is worth hearing. Three Ways Til Sunday are the first to play in the forbidden style of emo, tossing off a forgettable rock wank. Center Of Zero talk us right into a screamo hardcore winner. To.Kill.For mimic two bands in one with a Lawrence Armsian take on emo street-punk. The only foreign band on the CD is Sweden’s Mantaray. K-D who groove through a speedy rock jam even the Hellacopters would be proud of. And the final joint on this long-winded mish mosh of a disc is a similar mish mosh of a song from Outrage, featuring yelled/spoken lyrics interwoven with rap lyrics in a hardcore format containing drums too high in the mix. On the whole, not the best compilation to grace a CD player, but not the worst, either. The production is spotty at best; some songs having excellent values, others not so much. And the quality of a large amount of the music needs to be reevaluated. Then again, there are some bands here to keep an eye on.