Review: Smile Empty Soul

Smile Empty Soul
(Lava / Atlantic)

From the opening crunch of ‘Bottom of a Bottle’ it’s apparent that Smile Empty Soul are here to rock your socks off. Sounding not far from the neo-grunge sound of a band like Puddle of Mudd, Smile Empty Soul owe just as much to Nirvana as the aforementioned. Anthems like ‘Nowhere Kids’ will have kids pumping their fists in unison, while Smile Empty Soul choose to showcase their more melodic side on the acoustic power ballads of ‘I Want My Life’. Am I criticizing the band for not the most original sound? Yes. Do I think this is horrible? No. If you truly miss the days where Nirvana’s “Nevermind” rocked your radio then by all means check this out because this Smile Empty Soul should be cutting Nirvana a royalty check. There’s some solid rock, minus the originality.