Review: Serious Suicide

Serious Suicide
“Off With Your Head”
(Blammy Bros. Records)

The first track sounds like seventies glam plus a Ramones kick in the teeth with female vocals.  From there the album mostly confuses me.  At times slow and grungy at others quick and poppy and at still others the songs sound as if they were written for children.  The overall effect is disorienting.  The vocals have that sweet yet nasty element to them that I associate with Riot Grrrls in frilly lace baby doll dresses.  The album title apparently refers to the head between a man’s legs and not the one resting atop our necks.  Yup, it’s a castration song.  I guess the world needs more merry bards telling us tales of castrations.

The album has all the inspiration and originality one would expect coming out of Hollywood.  From what I gather, the guitarist and chief songwriter is a leftover, a modern day refugee, of the bad boy glam era of the eighties.

The band sounds bored of themselves as if even they can’t get excited about their music.  I know I’m having troubles getting excited.  At their best they’re the Dead Boys at their worst they’ll sing about cutting off your dick.