Review: Rescue

“Even People and Not the Odds”
(Dead Droid)

Spastic and sporadic, almost math rock hiding in an indie-rock band.  Guitars are of that twangy and jittery sort, topped with the colored frosting calls of singer Alan Schuerman (sounding a bit like Bob Nana of Hey Mercedes).  It’s an erratic, but sweet presence that holds the only fluid aspect of the Rescue sound.  The music itself is Attention Deficit Disorder in function, struggling to maintain it’s focus.  But with a certain method as there is structure here, it’s just all over the board kind of structure.  Cut and paste guitar trickles laid against cleanly cranked guitars that are quickly slapped and smacked around like they were caught doing something wrong.  “Sorry, Please Try” seems to capture the formula with the most hook and shows how the two guitars prefer to follow different paths to meet in the middle rather than double each others lines.  It give a splintered effect to the songs flow, but I think that’s the idea here.  Take a melodic intent, and fracture it.  Well done.