Review: The Raveonnettes

The Raveonnettes
“Chain Gang of Love”

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo have not one original idea in their collective musical body (insert obligatory The Jesus and Mary Chain reference here), but damn it if they aren’t completely satisfying in all their Fifties and Sixties memorabilia-laced glory. Complete with handclaps, Spectorized Wall of Sound imitations and boy-girl harmonies, The Raveonnettes command you to dance to their poppy ditties, fall in love with delinquents and watch rebel biker movies. It’s Eighties noisy punk-pop fuzz retrofitted with the attitude, adolescence and rebelliousness of a teen-age James Dean. Up-tempo rave-up “That Great Love Sound” begs you to turn up the stereo, drive a little faster and stay out past curfew.