Review: Punk Goes Pop

Various Artists
“Punk Goes Pop”
(Fearless Records)

Like having your girlfriend call out another man’s name during sex, this album isn’t fun to hear. At all. Most of these songs (except Pink’s “Get the Party Started,” of course) are terrible in their original form, although I did wonder about the coverage of Madonna.  Hasn’t that been done?  The few bands that actually do well (Rufio’s “Like a Prayer”, Reach the Sky’s “Sometimes”, and Thrice’s “Send Me an Angel”) are no real suprise, as they’re each established bands.  With that in mind, I really fail to see any need for this comp.  Do these bands really have nothing better to do then cover shit music?  Did learning to play “Heaven is a Place on Earth” really push your band?  Shouldn’t you be touring?  Promoting your band?  Practicing?  What the fuck?