Review: Pseudo Heroes

Pseudo Heroes
“Prison of Small Perception”
(Go-kart Records)

“Prison” is a pretty stylistically varied album, which really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Pseudo Heroes is headed by Sam Williams, usually associated with Down By Law.  Williams recruited a list of help on this album that would make P. Diddy proud, securing the likes of Napalm Death’s Lee Dorian, John Stabb of Government Issue, and Dave Smally of All.  These seemingly divergent musicians contribute to the somewhat uneven feel within “Prison”, yet are also its strongest asset.

While the discordant strains of “Conspiracy” share a strong resemblance with the hither-thither thrash of DBL, “Hereditary Fault” has enough of a harmony carried throughout that it sounds like an entirely different band.  As you might expect Lee Dorrian’s addition to “Human Time Bomb” makes the whole track a nervous ball of frenetic energy, bustling around like a chicken with its head cut off.  The schizophrenic approach continues for the rest of the nineteen tracks, giving you a little slice of everything that doesn’t taste all that exceptional.