Review: Pete Rock

Pete Rock
“Lost and Found”
(BBE / Rapster)

This is Pete Rock at his best. Fresh, energetic with vibrant beat-construction. Nothing but that classics here! If you were checking for Pete and his old comrad “cL Smoooth”, then you know what I’m speaking about. His true talent at working the MP comes off all over this double CD release. Soulful, handclapping hiphop, mixed with rough rhyme-sayers.

When it comes to getting the best out of his fellow artists, no one does it better. If the game was really about putting out quality songs versus fillers, then Pete Rock would be respected and checked for, like the Neptunes or Dr.Dre. But the game ain’t changed, so for those of you who like their hiphop with that old swing, or that late 80’s flavor, go out an check for this one. You won’t be sorry. I’m not sure if these recordings make up a collection of his past work or his current, but the beats sound true to his roots while never sounding dated. Please bring the end to the bling! True hiphop is fighting a losing battle against capitalism. If you feel me, then you see me.