Review: Pele

(Polyvinyl Recording Co.)

More insane instrumentation by Polyvinyl darlings Pele.  The musical arrangements by this Milwaukee based outfit are jovial, playful pop orchestrations that quite obviously have punk roots, but dabble in their fair share of jazz and noise based rock.  The addition of John Minor on the computer has really upped the ante of past efforts.  However, the fact that Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Matt Tennessen and company recorded their juggernaut in a girl’s locker room makes sure they get the sound desired.  I would place them on equal playing fields with Don Caballero and Euphone.

I use to have a problem with the fact that this band does not have a singer, but “enemies” makes safe haven that they don’t need one. These guys have shared the stage with such names as the Promise Ring, Karate, and The Dismemberment Plan and rightfully so. Another one of those records that makes you feel happy to be alive.