Review: King Diamond

King Diamond
“Abigail II: The Revenge”
(Metal Blade)

This isn’t nearly as funny as it the title makes it sound. Rather surprisingly, “Abigail II” does manage to capture most of the spirit of the original “Abigail” recorded nearly 15 years ago. The two major players, King Diamond and Andy LaRoque, remain the same on both the original and this sequel. King Diamond still caterwauls, giving it his all, jumping from his spoken snarls to his vaulting falsetto. LaRoque plays the shit out of that guitar of his as always, showing no decline in ability or musical drive. All the passion is still there and is quite comparable to the energy and piss that fueled these lads 15 years ago. Shit, where does the time go? The press release hailing King Diamond’s return to “Abigail” territory claims that bass player Hal Patino played on the original Abigail, but according to my copy of “Abigail,” bass was handled by a fellow named Timi Hansen. Joining King is a new drummer, a chap named Matt Thompson who, like all the drummer’s in King’s previous line ups, is top-notch. One thing that can’t be denied is King Diamond always gets one hell of a talented bunch of guys to back him up.