Review: Jim Bianco

Jim Bianco
“Well Within Reason”

Jim Bianco’s debut CD, “Well Within Reason”, is nothing less than great.  The native Long Island musician showcases his voice, lyrics and writing in this truly singular recording.  He combines the voice of Tom Waits, style of Randy Newman, and the slinky guitar riffs of Beck’s Odelay while still shining through with his own unique sound.  His lyrics are original and profound and, without a doubt, make the album worth listening to.  Jim’s previous studies at Boston’s Berkeley School of Music certainly haven’t hurt the musical composition of the album either.

The progressions of songs such as “Like Dimes” illustrate Bianco’s aptitude for composition and his knowledge of the texture of good music.  However, some tracks, like “two birds”, make one forget about composition altogether and prey upon the element within a music lover that requires something that rocks.  For those of you who believe that classically trained musicians can’t rock, put this in your pipe and smoke it: Jim Bianco fucking rocks.  Who would have thought that a blues/folk singer could put out a CD that makes chicks wet and still meets the criteria for an album that’s got some balls, not to mention that each track of his the record is 100% radio worthy. f you have any sense, and enjoy a wide variety of music, it is essential that you get a copy of Jim Bianco’s “Well Within Reason” and listen to it; I shit you not.