Review: In Dying Days

In Dying Days
“After the Fire”
(One Day Savior)

Hard core with slow surprises weaved in is the best kind of hard core. Like buying pants and finding five dollars in the pocket. It isn’t much, but just that little extra makes your day. Other hard-core surprise bands, like At the Drive-In and …Trail of Dead, show some influence here but In Dying Days stands on its own as a pissed off band with a lot to scream about. Lines like “Rome took 400 years to build and one to burn down” speak volumes of what After the Fire is about, and that is only line one on track one.

This is the thinking man’s hard core. Instead of a wall of indecipherable sound, these guys have a wall of sound that surrounds you, pummels you and runs away. Even if you get your ass kicked in a fight, you were still in a fight and you can still brag about it. Some part of the savage inside enjoys the blood and bruises, some part of everyone enjoys the pain. In Dying Days is focusing on that part of everyone and punching it until their collective audience submits. The EP swings by quickly, but with the slower surprises and one-two combinations everyone will know it’s there.