Review: Icons of Filth

Icons of Filth
(Go Kart Records)

Go Kart is certainly up to some good works lately with the release of the new GBH the new Toxic Narcotic and this little album here by Icons of Filth.  They play mid-tempo, infectious political punk rock and bear the indelible mark of the punk from their land; they’re British Islanders hailing from Wales.  Their style is a mix of early GBH, a dash of Crass, touch of Cro-Mags (first album) and a lot of nice pop sensibilities not found in many punk bands of this type.  The messages are life-positive and focus on big problems like the oppression of the working class, the brain washing conducted by the media, overpopulation, poor food resource management and the horrible grinding that is daily life under the yolk of the boss, job, tradition, television and family.

In other words, it’s what punk is supposed to be.  Who am I to say what punk is supposed to be?  I’m a writer for a magazine that’s who!  Punk was never meant to become a tedious parade of NOFX and Green Day clones.  It wasn’t supposed to become nothing but a fashion statement: a Mohawk here, some pink hair-dye there, a piercing in the arse and a tattoo of a middle finger.  I’m here telling you this.  Sober up, wake up and figure out that your favorite band sucks.  Now, get out there and pick this Icons of Filth record or “Compact Disc” as you kids are into now days.